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Decorating Your Home Sustainably: Ideas to Try in 2019

Decorating Your Home Sustainably: Ideas to Try in 2019 0

Many of us are making shifts towards living a more sustainable lifestyle — in fact, over 34% of Australians believe it’s important to buy from eco-friendly brands. An important element of sustainable living includes how you decorate the home you live in. Sustainable interior design makes a positive impact on the environment by avoiding the depletion of our planet’s natural resources, while creating a stylish home you love living in. It also ensures a healthier space since you won’t be using products treated with pesticides or harsh chemicals. Here’s a look at the top interior design trends for 2019 that you can try out within your home.


Including more sustainable materials

Natural materials, such as wood and natural stone, carry a lower environmental impact than synthetic ones. If a product has a FSC label, it was harvested sustainably. Demand is also increasing for organic materials grown without the use of pesticides which harm the environment, wildlife and human health. In fact, sales of organic products are increasing 10-15% annually each year. Organic cotton bedding, for example, is a healthier choice, particularly if you have allergies or chemical sensitivities. Similarly, natural fibre rugs like hemp, seagrass and jute are biodegradable and recyclable.


Water-efficient appliances

Water conservation is an important issue in many parts of Australia. Even despite droughts, Australians are the highest consumers of water per capita in the world. Reducing water use is becoming an increasing necessity, which is why installing water-efficient appliances (such as toilets and faucets) throughout your home is an important switch to make. For example, simply installing a water-efficient shower head in your bathroom saves the average family 2, 900 gallons of water a year. Moreover, since there’s less requirements on the water heater, your electricity bill will also be slashed.


Living Green Wall and Living Wall Systems 

Bring the outside in with a living green wall (vertical gardens) — a sustainable trend which is continuing to increase in popularity. Not only do the living green wall look beautiful and help the environment, but they’re also easy to install in your home. You can buy solid living green wall kits (such as gro wall pro, gro wall slim pro, gro wall slim line, gro wall 4.5, gro wall facade), which can easily be attached with screws to any solid wall. Having a plant wall in your home will absorb harmful toxins in the air and purify it — a phenomenon discovered by NASA way back in 1989.

Sustainable interiors don’t have to sacrifice style. With some extra thought, you can create a home that’s environmentally-friendly as well as beautiful. Ultimately, investing in items made for longevity (in terms of both quality and aesthetic) rather than disposable, short-term trends is something we should all aim for.


Alicia Rennoll (Environmental Research)

  • Cody McConnell
How to Save Money on my Energy Bill

How to Save Money on my Energy Bill 0

Saving Money on my Energy Bill!

Solar Powered Hot Water System

Installing a Solar powered Hot Water System would be one of the most beneficial investments to your home. Not only are you using sustainable energy supplied by our beautiful planet, but also protecting yourself from any increased energy prices. You could be saving up to a whopping 90% on your water bills and have reliable hot water 24/7. Further, with the Australian government rebates you could potentially saving more and increasing the value of your property.

Eco Sustainable House recommend the Aussie Apricus Solar Hot Water System. We love the Apricus tank, not only for decreasing Australian homes carbon footprint, but also their use of materials and unique eco friendly/ sustainable science cured into their solar system.

Apricus Solar Hot Water Tank Systems can provide up to 90% of your hot water, buy utilizing the sun’s heat energy, depending on your locations climate. In addition, without generating greenhouse gas emissions into our planet.  

Did you know that water heating is the largest greenhouse gas emissions?

“Australian households generate at least one-fifth of Australia's greenhouse gases – more than 18 tonnes per household each year.” Hot water heating for an Australian home is an average of 23%.  Installing a Apricus Solar Hot Water Tank can reduce those emissions drastically!

How much does the average Australian family home spend on energy?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Australians highest energy costs were an average of $133 per week. That’s nearly $7,000 a year. Although the good news is 21% of that costs are from hot water energy heating. With the application of a Apricus Hot Water System you could potentially decrease that annual bill to $5,500 per year.

Is a Solar Hot Water System worth the money?

YES! Apricus Solar Hot Water System is MOST definitely worth the money. It’s an investment for your property. An Apricus system could cost you between $4,000 to $6,000, which you would make back within a year. However Apricus have a 15 year warranty, this means for 15 years at least you’ll be saving up to $45,000 over the 15 year warranty period!

  • Cody McConnell