Sustainable House Design

Sustainable House Design

Here at Eco Sustainable House we believe that a truly energy efficient and sustainable house design combines a lifestyle based analysis with sustainable design principles and product selection. We can assist you in the sustainable design process as well as sustainable product and material selection.

We go back to basics and focus design features around orientation, winter sun penetration, summer sun exclusion, cooling breezes, eliminate reliance on artificial heating and cooling, seamless internal external spaces, energy efficient rated products including water and energy usage and material selection.

Combine all of these aspects together and we will provide you with an inspirational and comfortable home and reduce your impact on the environment. Your home will be healthier and your family will be healthier, so why wait...

Our team of Sustainable Designers and Product Specialists are more than happy to assist you with the following:

Energy Efficient Sustainable House Design and Working Drawings

  • Site Selection
  • Site Analysis including micro climate, sun paths, shading and wind modelling
  • Orientation and Aspect
  • Explore possible design layouts to maximise Passive Design
  • Sustainable House Design Consultations
  • Discussion of lifestyle practices and routine to maximise design benefits
  • Discussion of project objectives & design themes
  • Discussion of ways to improve your sustainable awareness including maximising your running costs
  • Discussion of construction technique and features that will make your home energy efficient
  • Document and issue Concept Plans
  • Review and discuss Concept Plans
  • Document and issue Preliminary Plans
  • These plans can be used for costing, architectural design review approval and colour selections
  • Review and discuss Preliminary Plans
  • Document and issue Construction Plans
  • We engage third party consultants such as Engineers
  • These plans can be used for costing, architectural design review approval, colour and product selections, Council Development and Construction Approvals

Development Approval

  • Local Council Approval including Complying Development, Development and Building and Construction Approval
  • We will make life easier for you – we know how to navigate through the sea of red tape to ensure your project has everything it needs to be approved and signed off

Sustainable Product and Colour Selection

  • Our in-house designers assist in sustainable product specification from building materials and product selections including leading energy saving technologies.
  • Our in-house designers assist in selecting the right colour palette for your project.
  • Assist and educate in the processes and techniques to improve your Sustainable Resource Management

Computer Modelling

  • Building performance, Energy and Thermal Comfort simulations
  • Basix Reports and Certificates
  • NatHERS Reports and Certificate
  • ABSA and BERS Reports
  • 3D Architectural Rendering and Impressions

Sustainable Education

  • Eco Sustainable House Sustainability Guide E-Book – Helping clients get the most out of their new home
  • Sustainability Guide E-Book Series – Coming Soon...
  • Regular Newsletters that include energy efficient design tips and sustainable product specification

Want more information?

If you would like to further discuss how we can help you with your next project, simply click below to get in touch. You are most welcome to pop by our showroom in Burleigh, Gold Coast and we can run through all aspects of our services with you and walk you through our sustainable product selection that’s on display.