Understand the Velux Range

Here at Eco Sustainable House we have some of the best local installers for Velux skylight window, roof windows, and sun tunnels; for your pitched roofs, and flat roofs, tile, or metal roof.

All homes will benefit from maximizing their natural daylight. Not only for energy efficiency, but also protecting the environment with the recyclable materials used to manufacture the Velux skylight.

Solar skylight windows consist of a solar panel system which reduces energy consumption by 100% during the day. Channeling natural light throughout possibly every room in any building.

Electric skylight windows consist of power cable which is installed with the skylight window itself.

Manual skylight windows are a simple window that is openable manually with a rod or extension rod, depending on the height of the skylight window.

All Velux solar and electric sky light come with a remote, which allows you to open the skylight window with ease. The sky light also has a rain sensor built into the system, which allows you to feel at ease knowing your window will close automatically if it starts to rain.

VELUX Sun Tunnels are ideal for hallways, walk-in robes, pantries, toilets and other small areas without natural light. For kitchens, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms we recommend VELUX sky light.


Below you will see the different options of skylight, roof window, or sun tunnels. The arrows will help you understand what you need for your space that you’re trying to fill either with natural light or ventilation. Please note that if you have any concerns or questions about the range, you can contact us either by phone, email,  or fill out the form to arrange a installer by clicking this link!