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The supplier/manufacturer of all our basins offers a warranty of 1 year for all labour, and 2 years for replacement of the item only. This warrants that the product will be free from manufacturing defects, provided it has not yet been installed. Exclusions apply.

As your concrete fixture is handmade, please allow for colour movement/variation and the potential for small air pockets (also known as pitting) on the exterior of the product. Any air pockets on the interior of the product will always be filled in to achieve a smooth surface. Please note, we cannot guarantee that the product will or will not have air pockets, as each product is different.

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pdf iconBath Warranty Information

To ensure your basin or bath remains in good condition for years to come, the supplier recommends following the guildelines in the document attached here. When taken care of, the two-part low VOC sealant used should protect the basin from most everyday issues.

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Concrete Nation warrant their benchtops for 5 years, dating from the original purchase. This warranty covers manufacturer defects only, and provided that the item is installed and/or fabricated by a certified Concrete Nation entity. Exclusions apply.

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When using your concrete benchtops, it's important to follow the care guide provided below. It has been sealed with a high-quality sealant, but that can be compromised if exposed to certain chemicals for extended periods of time.

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Benchtop Care Guide

Please feel free to contact us for more information about your new basin, bathtub or bench.

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