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New VELUX Skylight sizes!

VELUX has released three new skylight variations to offer even more options to help create the perfect natural light solution. 

1. The VELUX FCM 3055 is the new record holder for largest VELUX rectangular skylight. Measuring 870mm X 1505mm, this flat roof skylight lets in huge amounts of natural light and offers unlimited design options. depending on your area, you can install it in portrait or landscape orientation.

The FCM range is the most cost effective VELUX option. As everyone knows, VELUX does not cut corners on quality. The high performance double glazing is identical to the glazing on all other models. These skylights also features the NEAT photocatalytic coating, which reduces the need for cleaning.

2. The VELUX FS C12 has over taken the C08 as the new tallest skylight by 400mm! At a whopping 1800mm X 550mm this new variation is perfect for fitting between steep roof trusses.

As with all FS models, the new FS C12 comes with the VELUX Flashing kit, suitable for corrugated iron or tile roofs in the 15 - 90 degree pitch range. The whole range also have their corresponding sun screening blind options.

3. The VELUX VCS 3434 & VCM 3434 size of 970mm X 970mm is a popular size in the fixed skylight options, so it made sense to offer this in the openable range. 

The openable skylights are a cost efficient way of adding ventilation plus a variety of other living space benefits. The rain sensor on the solar powered version even automatically closes the skylight if left open! The VELUX ACTIVE (Sold separately) is a climate control system for all you green home automation experts. 

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