Solar Hot Water System Installation

Solar Hot Water System Installation

Apricus Solar Hotwater system

apricus solar hot water systems

Installing a Apricus Solar Hot Water System

Eco Sustainable House supplies the state-of-the-art environmentally sustainable Solar Hot Water Systems from Apricus throughout Australia Though we are not installers ourselves, our team will provide any information we are able to regarding installation and maintenance.

If you are local to the South East Queensland area, we can put you in touch with an experienced installer.

Pricing for the installation of a solar hot water system varies. Factors that an installer considers when quoting the installation are:
  • 1 or 2 storey building 
  • Gas or Electric Boosted
  • Is there a solar system already in place
  • Where are you wanting the tank to be situated 
  • How big your tank is 250, 315, or 400L tank (affects on how many installers needed)
  • How many evacuated tubes to install 22, 30, or 44
All these factors are what our installers consider when pricing your installation. Of course their team will take care of all aspects of the installation process including (based on Electric Boosted Split System):
  • Supply and installation of all associated pipework fittings and valves needed
  • Commissioning the system
  • Installation of tilt frame kit (if required)
  • Preparation and laying of tank base
  • Form 4 Certificate (QBCC Queensland only)
  • Installation of 850KPA cold water expansion valve (Queensland Only)
  • Installation of Colorbond 'H' section capping to conceal pipe work. Colour to match house and to be decided on site visit

Electrical connection and outlet to be supplied by other on the same day as tank installation. Alternatively, our installer can supply them, with prior notice, and add that to the quote.

Our Installers:

H&H Plumbing - (Gold Coast & Northern Rivers NSW)

To find out more please call or email us

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solar hot water system diagram

Ever wondered how gas or electric boosted solar hot water systems work? Here's a quick rundown based on the above diagram:

1. Cold water enters storage tank from mains

2. If there is heat available on the roof, the pump station will switch on and circulate water through the solar collector

3. Water is heated in the collected and returned to the storage tank. This process is repeated until the top out temperature is reached

4. Hot water is tempered down to a safe level (around 50 degrees Celsius) and supplied to the home fixtures

5. If not enough heat is generated from the sun, and electric or gas booster simply tops it up as required

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